Some Upsidetrader Guidelines For 2016

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Hopefully this will be of help to new and old subscribers alike. I think also that its good for newer traders.

1- Try your best to stay away from the market for the first 30 minutes, I call that period the “wild wild west”, you will usually get a better price if you wait for the dust to settle, that goes for longs and shorts. My experience tells me that you will get a better entry if you are patient, strong stocks usually pull back to a more “buyable” level, same with short ideas. If we miss an idea that’s OK there are 3000 stocks and I will find another one.

2- I will always give advice on exiting a recommendation via email alert and on the chat room, so none of you will ever miss anything. I usually recommend the sale of 1/4 to 1/3 of your position when a stock is moving higher. Example, if I recommend to buy a stock at $40 and it breaks out and trades to $44-45 take 1/4 to 1/3 position off the table. Some stocks will move higher after the partial sale, that’s OK you will still have a 3/4 or 2/3 position remaining. Always raise your stops as price goes higher, I will telegraph that to you as well. I will guide you on all of this.

3- After I take a partial gain I will usually raise our stops so we are protected.

4-  Rarely will I ever average down in a stock and rarely will I chase a stock unless the technicals tell me to.

5-  We will have periods where we have a good run and then things can get a little cooler (always short lived), when the market is in a strong uptrend we will be mostly long, when the market is in a downtrend we will have more cash and maybe some short exposure.

6- Be diversified, meaning have exposure to as many names on my list as you can. Maybe 5-10% per idea is a good start. You don’t want to be overweight in one idea because that could be the one that fails.

7- I will trade opportunistically and I will change my mind based on events. Good traders change their mind.

8- I shun conventional wisdom and NEVER listen to the pundits, I think the financial media is dangerous to a trader’s health.

9- I never watch the financial media during trading hours, or ever for that matter. Turn it off, you’ll be surprised and pleased with the change.

10- Economists never traded and they are usually wrong.

11- – Don’t EVER buy a “tip”, it’s like borrowing someone’s Chapstick, you don’t know where it started.

12- JP Morgan said” I will never buy at the bottom or short at the top, but I will make my money in that 60% area” I feel the same way.

13- The market is the one place where following trends and not making them is cool.

14- – STOPS- —as you will see on the P&L, I always have stops for each stock. I want you to honor those stops to the best of your ability, HOWEVER, stops are not an exact science, merely a level to protect yourself, so I usually give the stop a little ” wiggle room” depending on the action of the tape.

I hope this helps a bit. They are basic rules to follow. Also I am available to all of you, if you ever have questions on your portfolio, a particular, stock, just reach out by email. I am happy to help in a anyway I can.  The market coud get scary in 2016, so reach out to me if you need to.

Good luck in 2016 folks




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