A Very Heinous Market


So the jobs number came in a little “hot” I guess, leading market players to the assumption that Janet “Aunt Bea” Yellen has but one choice….to raise rates in a couple of weeks. Good is bad so the market crapped out.

Is it me, or is it just a little bit curious that out of a 300,000,000 person population…that every month we’re conveniently…safely… creating a mean average of 200,000 jobs?  I guess if you like raking leaves out of a pool you’re one of the lucky 200,000 that got a job.  Call me cynical.

With all this “good” news, if Yellen doesn’t raise rates, then she knows in her heart of hearts that there are deeper seeded issues at play.  I mean she hit her “full employment” target didn’t she?

Lets face it, the market is a friggin’ disaster. Up big, down big,,, then rinse repeat. Friday gave back almost all of Wednesdays big move.  You know, the move everybody chased with reckless abandon.

There’s a good shot that next week the market end’s up looking like Dresden after the bombing. You can google it.

Anyhoo, I’ve extended my rate through midnight Sunday due to the extreme tomfoolery and skulduggery of this market behavior. This is no market for old men, young men or casual observers.

We continue to outperform this heinous market behavior in a big way. You can email me at [email protected] to request performance.

Good trading and I hope to see you as a member this weekend.

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