Enjoy This Market And Take This Offer


This market has been lovely of late.  As soon as we had the Epiphany that Greece and China were just third world countries, the doom lifted. Things are setting up and should be an exciting second half.

Summer is slower than a herd of snails traveling through peanut butter, so how about this??????

I have cut my Premium Member price by half to $399 for an annual membership, down from $799. I will also give you, for free, one hour of my video discussing patten recognition and highlight my most profitable chart setups. This sells for $300, but yours for free.

All in, you save about $700 balloons.  Don’t be ridiculous and join us.

Trappist and Tibetan monks in remote corners of the globe are signing up for this deal and it is good through the end of July. If you’re floundering or just want better performance on a month in month out basis, now is the time to become a Premium Member. Join the other portfolio managers, hedge funds, brokers, advisors and analysts that are also members.

Click here to join today.

This is how current members are faring this month. Let it be you.  We continue to outperform, so lets trade the second half together.

Carry on and good trading.


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