Midday Update

As if we needed more market angst.  Adding to the Greece and China malaise, the NYSE has now halted all trading. They say it s a “glitch”, but this morning the Wall Street Journal’s website was hacked and went down. This morning United Air flights were halted  due to computer issues.  Seems like hackers are having fun today.

The reversal yesterday was very bullish by all accounts, then China happened overnight. As you may have heard their markets dipped about 8% and they halted trading in many more stocks. This set our overnight futures lower and we stand lower right now.

DOW -1.2%

Nasadaq -1.5%

Russell -1.4 %

S&P -1.2%

The market indexes are all hanging around yesterday’s lows right now, so lets see if they can hold.

Keep you posted.


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