Bulls Still Hungry & A Special Offer

Stocks advanced Monday, propelling the Nasdaq to a record close, lifted by gains in biotech and financial shares as well as optimism that Greece will eventually reach a bailout deal with its shylocks.

The Dow rose 103.83 points, or 0.6%, to 18119.78. The S&P added 12.86 points, or 0.6%, to 2122.85.

The magnitude of market moves in Europe and the U.S. speak to what the overhang has been over the last month or so as the negotiations continued to deteriorate.  Fun times. You didn’t think they would fall into the Mediterranean did you? Barring an unforeseen black swan event ( they are always unforeseen), this major headwind seems to be under control for now.

Biotech just keeps going as IBB made more new highs today.


Our stocks did decently as NDRM popped 7.0%, DPLO +6.0%, HIVE balance stopped for +9.0%. CORT triggered in the early going and ran a quick 10% before it pulled back. CHRS & DYAX also triggered today.

***************** SPECIAL OFFER ************************************

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The tutorial is all about pattern recognition and I discuss my favorite setups. I discuss bull and bear flags, bull and bear wedges and trendlines.  Its all visual I think you will learn a few things.  I hope you sign up and enjoy it.

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