Playing It Slow

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The lack of strong directional trends developing in May have been causing some frustrations for Swing traders as many moves quickly faded just when they looked like they were about to get started.
The best way to deal with any issues in trading is simple…listen to what the market is telling you.  The choppier the day to day action has been, the prudent trader responded accordingly by cutting back share size as well as the number of trades taken.  Patience becomes a virtue in this sort of environment where you need to seek out opportunities, instead of just riding the broad market momentum up or down.  If you’re having a difficult time, listen to the market.  Don’t force what you think it should do on it. Adjust your strategy, become more tactical, or just sit on the sidelines and wait for better opportunities to develop.
Bottom line, this Q2 has been more about small day to day chops and reversals in the Major Indices, but the overall trends remain higher.
Nothing new tonight other than a sale today of 1/3 TROV for +$1.25 or 11%.
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