Post Fed, Bernanke Is Now a Market Timer

Yellen was criticized a few months back for opining on the strength of biotech and social media stocks.  Those stocks got hit for a day, but then stormed back to make more highs. Yellen learned from her mistake and has gone quietly into the good night with regard to market predictions.  She continues to be as dovish as ever though, and she protects her market like a precious Faberge egg.

Evidently Ben Bernanke has taken a page from her market calling playbook, because he seems to enjoy making his own stock market prognostications.

The WSG reports his recent comments on the potential hike in rates:

“….much of the related market volatility will precede the first rate increase and investors may embark on a relief rally once rates rise.”-Bernanke

So now Ben is telling us that stocks will sell off in front of the rate increase (whenever that is), but rally hard shortly thereafter.  Thanks Ben, I’ll try and remember that.  Just please tell me when to sell.

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