Start Drinking Early–St. Paddy’s Special


Personally I’m celebrating St. Paddy’s Day barricaded in my house as I smear corned beef and cabbage on the door so the drunkard of death passes over me.  In the meantime, I’m offering a special from today until the wee hours on St. Paddy’s Day.

You can get all the benefits of the site, full time trading room hosted by yours truly, as well as my in depth market videos that go into to detail about setups both long and short.

My site is a swing trading site, so my holding periods go anywhere from a  few days to several weeks. I tell you where to buy, where to sell and issue stops with every recommendation.  I will show you how to sell “partials”  at good profits and how to trail your stops higher as price increases.

Here are some recent winners that my Premium subscribers have seen. You can email me at [email protected] for more subscriber performance.

Here is a bit of what I’ve been doing. Most of these holding periods were about four weeks or less.

ACAD +18%, TGTX +17%,  FPRX +80%, TASR +20%, ISIS +18%, JUNO +44%,  KITE +65%, DRNA +31%, BLUE +19.2

You can grab a monthly subscription here at $40 off .

You can grab an annual subscription (best deal) here at $200 off.

Hope to see you on board.

Here’s how we did in the week that just ended.

CTRP (short) +5.4%
ZIOP +33%
MYL +6.2%
TSLA (short) +6.4%
CLDN +46%
JOY (short) +10.3%
AA (short) +6.9%
ERY (short energy etf) +7.4%
FCX (short) +5.0%

ESPR +30.00 or 44.0%


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