Sunday Setups For 12/8/14

We’re doing some background work on the blog, so I can’t get the Sunday video out tonight.  This truly is a market of stocks because for every nice setup I see, I also see a disaster. There are many stocks getting punished and breaking down out there.  They are most obvious in the oil patch, but there are breakdowns all around.

It still looks like the Santa Clause rally wants to continue. We scaled out of some more profitable names last week and I have adjusted stops accordingly on the P&L so, please keep current if you are following at home.

Here are some bullish setups for us to watch this week. Stops are on the P&L.

INFN is a very bullish setup that is coiling at lateral resistance. Buy at 14.85


CERN has been in a tight, but bullish channel fora while now. Buy 64.70


PCYC is right at a a breakout spot. Buy 143


TRIP– I mentioned this one as one to keep your eye on earlier in the week.  Buy 77.95


Hope you had a great weekend. Lets have a great week.



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