Tuesday Market Wrap- Choppy and Low Volume


Triggered Stocks



RGLS (remaining 1/3 +.25)


Portfolio Review

FB -0.52%,  QIHU -2.7,  MDVN -1.5%,  GMCR -0.4%,  BIIB -1.0%,  AVNR +0.68,  ACAD -2.5%,  SPLK +0.40%,  NBIX +1.1%,  AMBA n/c,  OVTI -0.45%,  BTU -2.3%,  UA n/c,  TGTX +2.8%,  ZLTQ -1.59,  CAT +0.31,  CUDA +4.5%,  ACHN -2.9%

Upside’s Commentary

It was a sloppy day for the most part even though the Nasdaq made more highs and the NYSE and SPX flirted with more new highs. The market looks a little tired, so a little pullback wouldn’t surprise me, but remember that seasonality is in our favor and anything can happen.

Today’s trading volume (600 million shares at NYSE) represented the lowest total since early September, but the subdued participation was understandable since the bond market was closed for Veterans Day.

Elsewhere, Japan’s Nikkei spiked 2.0% after Reuters reported Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is likely to push back the next sales tax increase and may call for a snap election. The news weighed on the yen.

See you in the morning.

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