Things That Made Us Scared


OMG what a pullback. Gimme a break. We worried about:

1- Hong Kong….Hong Kong, really? Heads were never rolling in the town square and the police have giant water hoses and tanks if they did. The peeps don’t mess with the government in China.

2- Everyone waited for the jobs number. It was fine.

3- Ebola…unless someone jams their tongue down your throat that already has full blown ebola…’re fine.

4-Europe was bad……we saw that movie a couple years ago.

5- Rates going up…hey they will go up, not a secret.

6- Russia? Putin will be crawling on his belly like a reptile along with the Saudi’s as oil goes lower.  He’ll be trading tanks for Pennzoil soon. Let the lines for toilet paper begin again.

7-The mid term elections- This country couldn’t have been more regulated, asphyxiated and taxed the last six years. Anything will be an uptick. Anything.

8- But what about ISIS, ISIL and The Khorasan Group? ……..Oil went down.

Weather forecast….higher with a chance of some choppiness into year end.

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