Don’t Fret Europe


You all know by now that the market isn’t the economy, and right now Germany and France are calling for a slower second half as well as a slower first half next year. Deflation is also becoming a huge possibility.  The ECB put a big fat band aid on cancer and until recently things were swell.

Look at the action in the country etf’d $EWI $EWP $EWG $EWQ.  Ugly.  As things get uglier Draghi will channel his best Bernanke and Yellen and pull out the QE machine. This will happen soon and their markets (and ours) will push higher.

It’s all part of the cycle of insanity and you can bet on QE.  So until the worlds collide in angry revenge, it’s still all systems go.  And don’t forget that Draghi went to MIT so he’s wicked smart.

Now get back to doing what you were doing.

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