You Think Earnings Can Be Weird? Go Pimp a Chimp


Pimping the Chimp

So Arrowhead Pharm ($ARWR) reports earnings (not an earnings play anyway, so throw that out), but they did give some insight on their Hep B drug. The stock is down about 5% in after hours trading. Pamela Anderson have Hep C. Hep B is a bigger market.

In a previous study of ARC-520 involving a chimp infected with hepatitis B, treatment with ARC-520 caused a 0.8 log reduction in HBsAG, which is a measure of the presence of hepatitis B virus in the body. Arrowhead says ARC-520 response in human hepatitis B patients was “similar” to the chimp results but the duration of the knockdown was longer.

So obviously this will work almost perfectly on those in the House and Senate.

The street was looking for results of 0.5 to 1.0 (consensus), it landed on 0.8. This is how biotechs trade. On minutia. It’s all quite hilarious. Chimps are rejoicing globally now and humans are pretty pumped too.

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