Market Still The Best House In a Bad Neighborhood

All the giddiness has left Europe. Remember when they were super awesome just because they didn’t fall into the Mediterranean? Even though they boasted 20+% unemployment? Europe has been getting crushed, most of their country ETF’s are now down 10% or more.

The Greek market $GREK has been beaten down by the wrath of Zeus and Athena. Russia, they so suck anyway, is also down over 10%. Amazing that about 100 oligarchs control about 30% of the wealth in Russia. I’d freeze their shit so fast they would be cutting coupons to hit Starbucks. Putin would then lie down like a basset hound, tail tucked.  We’re to stupid to do that though. Instead we write letters and drop happy face leaflets.

S&P futures hit an overnight low of about 1890, but have since rallied hard back up and over the 1900 spot to 1909. We will now look to see if that overnight low printed the bottom. We could also go down and retest it one more time.  This sometimes happens. There is a good chance that that is the low, we’ll see. All futures are modestly in the green right now.

$NFLX has been defying gravity and probably goes higher here. Also long $UPRO

Friday is as good a day for a short squeeze as any. Lets see what the bulls have in tank. Buy America.

Good luck.

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