Midday Update

{+++} I dont know about you but I want this to end. Yesterday they were selling some treasuries, today they are buying them as the 10 year note has gone from 2.61% yesterday to 2.48%. There is much conversation about the Fed and the possibility that they may be clueless after all.

S&P broke lower again and may go a bit lower. 1930 and 1925 came an went so far. Watch 1910 now as that is the 100 day moving average.

The Nasdaq QQQ is very close to its 50 day moving average support. 93.80

The Russell right now looks like a bottomless pit.

The DOW could lose another 100 points before it tags its 200 day moving average.

Right now I’m just watching and changing my tourniquets on an hourly basis. Things still look lower.

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