Sometimes Obvious Wins

go long

We’ve seen two and three day pullbacks along and the way we get right back to biz. Fact is, in order for stocks to go higher, they MUST at some point go a  little lower first. It’s the circle of life and how markets work efficiently.  If you’re not even a little bit aware of this fact then you should never trade a stock.

If I knew this was a bottom, I wouldn’t be writing this on a hot day on the east coast as my stocks get fried, I’d be hanging with DiCaprio on Sunset while asking models to refill by mojito.

Everyone wanted to squueeeeze out the last 15 handles on the $SPX so they could be there when it printed 2000.

Guess what? The market ALWAYS does what hurts the most people.

Fact o’ life

Carry on

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