Everybody’s Off the Mark

Analysts are so off the mark on their GDP projections that its not even funny. They do their own work, but they also take their lead from the Fed, which right now couldn’t make a correct prediction if they had tomorrow’s newspaper. Way off on their growth targets. Way off. The Fed has rarely been a great prognosticator. Remember Ben said we weren’t in a recession even though California was drifting into the Pacific and we were a breath away from Armageddon.

Well they say two down GDP quarters in a row means you are in a recession. Next quarter should be fun.

The market doesn’t care and continues to chug higher, but most economists are probably rethinking their day jobs right about now.

For now the market isn’t the economy, and its been that way for a while. Good for us. Rooting for a better second half on the GDP front.

Really? The weather?? Gimme a break.


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