Tuesday Market Wrap 6/10/14

{+++} I continue to be amazed by the resiliency of this market, even on days when it doesn’t make more new highs.  Back in 2011 0r 2012 I put out this chart of the Nazzy with the comment “Call me crazy”. Its a lot higher now and who even knows if it has the starch to tag those 2000 highs.


What do you think? Can it happen? If it does, it may be the double top of biblical proportions.  It will be a fun ride if it does try.

RIGL and CYTR triggered long today and it has been added to the P&L.

Most of our chart patterns are still in great shape and barring a correction, should step higher.  If you are still looking for some buyable entries, you can still buy PQ, and BHI


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