It’s Still Raining Knives


“When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries of life disappear and life stands explained.” -Mark Twain

Stuff is still getting wrecked everyday. Thought you caught a bottom in that stock that’s down 50% already?  Maybe do a nibble? BAM!!!! You just got hit with another 8% down.

See $WDAY today, or maybe $PANW$SPLK still wants to take your money too.

So what’s the deal? The $SPX teases all time highs and the Big Board stocks are hot with recent new highs. .  Old fart stocks are all the rage and everyone just wants a little divvy, small moves and the promise that their entrails stop getting ripped out on a daily basis.

Look at $VZ ,  $T and utilities the last six weeks. Everyone wants to feel a modicum of “safety” and feel semi protected.


Today the Russell $IWM tagged the tax day low almost to the penny and bounced decently. You could have made a case to get long the Russell there, some of the technicals got oversold. We’ll see if she sticks tomorrow.

The Nazzy isn’t oversold enough for my money yet.

Happy Hunting.

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