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LinkedIn Corporation
2029 Stierlin Court
Mountain View, CA 94043
United States – Map
Phone: 650-687-3600


Executive Summary:

Currently a  momentum stock on its ass.  I went public a while ago, but have lost about 100 points of my value  over the last 5 months. I operated  an online professional network. MySpace with ties so to speak.

Core Competency:

. Convinced others that they aren’t losers and gave them the hope that they actually had a shot at life. Reinventing yourself can be almost impossible in a miserable economy.

. Created a site that few understood.

. Made folks feel relevant with incessant email notices when someone actually viewed their profile.

. Was instrumental in my team selling bunches of stock at the top.

. Created email infrastructure that constantly reminded people of their login info because they rarely used the site.

. Core strength in convincing analysts that I wasn’t overvalued…until recently.

.Created a Premium site, for what I reason i do not know.


Silicon Valley


Computer Skills:

I’m wicked awesome

Thank You for your consideration.








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