Apple and The Smell Of Death

Every fan boy got juiced today. Congrats are in order. Remember the move today, because it will be the last you will ever see.  All dogs go to heaven and all stocks that raise dividends, split stock and increase buybacks go to the NYSE and die. Yes $AAPL split because it will eventually go to the big board. You can put it in with $HPQ as your love basket of wicked high growth tech, throw in some $CSCO and $INTC and you will be all set.

Yes, $GM was a healthcare company that sold cars, $MSFT is a bank that makes bad software, Dead. $APPL is living off its reputation and has nothing. Good job on the margin bump, but really?

They speak of wearable tech and larger phones. Samsung has had both on the market for a while. Apple TV? Many have it and are unimpressed. Gimme Amazon so I can talk to Gary Busey.

Apple is the stock that reminds you of that once in a lifetime super 10 hot girlfriend you had once for ten days. She left you, but you will never get her back.

No matter how hard you have tried on Facebook. $FB

Carry on.

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