The Greatest Rally

“Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.”..Zig Ziglar


This is how weird life and the market is right now. I went to my local watering hole after a brutal week.  It’s a watering hole with regulars. Blue collar guys, ex Wall Street guys, you know, the regular crowd of folks.   I have been going there for years for a couple of beers on a Friday after the close before I go home.

This is what I met.

hair guy

But I love puppies……………………


No, I wasn’t in Vegas with strippers and rips of molly. I was grabbing a beer and I know this bar. It is true that hot goddess type women approach me regularly because I’m I’m adorable beyond words, but….

fuck it girl

I think the world is going insane. The world outside ain’t so great.

Real estate in my neighborhood is ripping. Cash buyers, and the buyers aren’t oligarchs.  Nothing stays on the market and they bid higher. Is this a blip, or are folks with money just worried about higher rates?

Stocks are horrible right now. Wait for a base. I’m long and waiting for………….the crash or the rally. The quarter ends Monday.

Next week could be the greatest rally you’ve ever seen.

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