Never Type and Drive


We will all probably be trading stocks one day with one of these on our faces. Soon, we won’t know who anyone looks like. Picture a Yankee game with half the fans with rigged heads. The non fans will be watching the History channel or scrolling on Twitter if the game is a blowout. Automatons gone wild. Sad if you ask me.

Next time you go into a bar or a diner, count ten people. I bet you seven of them are on a device, completely dissing the person they are eating or drinking with. All of this “social” stuff is actually the antithesis of being social. Most teenagers and millennials, in my opinion, will develop “real” social interaction disabilities.

Many get their news from Jezebel. Scary.

$AAPL filed a transparent texting patent to help people who walk and text. The transparent texting system replaces the background of a mobile device’s text messaging app with a continuous real-time video feed, using the device’s rear camera, so the user can both see what’s being said, and where they’re going.

How helpful…… Really? Freaking really? Do we need this shit?

My grandfather lost so many friends that were typewriting will driving. I guess this is just the new normal.

typewriting while driving

$C is lower following stress test results.

$CLVS is +9 in pre market because some biotechs with a good story still go up.

$YELP got a price upgrade to 105.

Good luck today.





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