More Wreckage


I much prefer March Madness to April Apathy. The market is as messy as my NCAA bracket mainly because I had Duke to go on to invade Ukraine.

$BOX (is it even a ticker yet?) filed to go public today. They are losing $1.93 per share. They must have seen the close.  All the drek is filing to get off the IPO runway before interest completely disappears. Yet another cloud play. Hurry, the market is going lower on a daily basis. The bulge bracket  execs want this stuff gone and off their books.  The window is closing fast.  Might be closed already.

This whole market isn’t down that much. The $SPX is down about 25 handles from the highs. What has folks puking are the $QQQ’s and the action in the Russell.  The stocks in those indexes look like Dresden after the bombings.

$SPLK is down 40 pts. in a month, $NFLX doen about 65 pts. in a week. The freaking list is endless.

Be patient.


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