Drum Roll-You Long Or Sort Into The Weekend?




Coin flip in my opinion, if you have balls the size of Texas you went all in long or short into Monday. Huge players that have made millions in the past, have taken positions ahead of an event.

Paul Tudor Jones lost 70% of his funds money in one day on a trade. One day. He had a strong opinion.  I respect that.  He learned his lesson, and went on to become the greatest trader ever.

I don’t play earnings and I don’t play events. I took losses this week on some sickly performing stocks to get out of the way of things.

I have cash so I can outperform by the end of March. The jury is out on whether the big funds will do some end of month and quarter performance chasing.  I am waiting for Putin and or China to give me a reason to press on the long side.

Next week will be filled with opportunities.  I’m waiting for Monday to commit in a big way.

1841 was my level of support, if that can hold next week we will go up hard. Zero interest rates will continue to lead the way.

Depressing stuff

$#!&^%$ Oh, by the way, remember how you freaked about the “Taper”?  We still made new highs,? Well, by the end of 2015 (maybe mid 2015) the Fed may actually raise rates. We have all been spoiled.  Raising rates by the Fed will make Taper look like choir practice and the market will DIVE. That’s the real killer, when the Fed actually RAISES rates.

Right now we have the wind of global easing at our backs.

Long live the oligarchs. Putin listens to them. Power means nothing without money.

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