Oh Apple, You Used To Matter


Before the market got hot and everyone was waiting for the next big thing, $AAPL was in the cross hairs . We waited for something. Anything. But nothing happened. Maybe an egg shaped iPhone?  I know I will piss you fanboys off, but I have always been right on this Microsoft clone. $GOOG is the answer if you want innovation,  although I never trade it. Actually $GOOG is pretty boring when you take into consideration the moves that have been made in biotech.

$GOOG is boring…………..for now.  Yes they do cool things. It’s all about making money in stocks.

I looked at my trading sheets for the first time in a while…in detail, and my money has all been made in biotech. For months now.  They are getting overbought and I am short some $IBB just in case, against my longs. Technology has been second.  The financials suck. I have no interest, although at some point the sector rotation will go back to them, I have no interest in buying an out of favor sector. I stay with the path of least resistance which is momentum.  I don’t have the DNA to wait for things. “to work”.   Mutual fund guys do. Crazy shit, I did buy some $WLT today. I figure 15 or zero. I’ll take 50% if I’m right with a stop just under 9. Only $APP models have been more abused than this this stock.

I love that the bears were getting short $TSLA on a rumor that they would raise money.. Well they did, and the stock still popped after market. Bull market shit.  It makes no sense. Ride it.

Come subscribe here.  If you’re not making money in this market then you need some guidance. Welcome in advance.  People globally are signing up,  and I answer every email.

Good luck tomorrow.





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