Random Thoughts & A Year And a Half


That’s how long I think we have until the lights go out.

The winds of the secular bull market are blowing. Up a bunch, down a little. The 5% pullbacks shake the wussies out. That’s what you want if your a bull. It’s textbook awesomeness. Textbook. No one believes…it’s up too much…I’m late to the party, that stock cant possibly go higher, I’ll wait a bit,   but that guy on CNBC said…………… It’s all bull market shit.  Read your history. I’ll wait for the dip, yet you don’t buy it.

I have a China stock probably run by the Triad running 20% in an hour. Bubble? Your call.

When it turns (and it always does) most of you will be swept away and destroyed.  You will buy dips when the world is selling from fear. There will be no bounce.

A Gilded Age for stocks however is upon us right now. But I remember the horror like it was yesterday. It was October 2007 when we topped and went to hell.

The pain when this is over will be like a copper needle through your eye. You will wish you were on a rack like the poor bastards on Game of Thrones. You bull bull market geniuses will be gutted like tilapia on Fulton Street. You have never seen a prolonged bear market. You will lose everything.

Bernanke (how could I possibly be the only Jew from Augusta, Georgia?) has passed his Keynesian baton to the adorable Janet Yellen. She prints and loves it, she’s a data dependent chick who is ready to give us a market “put’. She said so yesterday. Her Brooklyn real estate just ripped.  Remember Geithner only sold his unsellable house after he was head of Treasury.

Ms. Yellen is the most powerful person in the world. More so than your POTUS.  More than Bernanke was in his prime, as the easy part is over. Greenspan ripped the market, then wrecked the market. This isn’t rocket science.  It ALWAYS repeats. Always.

Enjoy and aggressively play this euphoria on dips. Dips will bail you out always. It’s a bull market. Until it doesn’t.

It will be time to short eventually.  We all have long DNA.  That’s what makes the short side…when it happens…so precious. Stay thirsty. It is probably a far off event. I am long.

When the worlds collide with angry revenge I will be short, while most are buying dips. I will  be sipping mohitos in Key West and expanding my real estate holdings in the Bimini Islands while I take over most parts of Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest.  I don’t want California, (maybe Carmel),  I will shut down all tourism to Hawaii, as it will be mine and not yours. The Pacific will be my bathtub.

The mainland will be burning, and anarchy will rule. Drones will try and take the hill on my headquarters in Paradise, as they have my coordinates, but the Republicans take back the Senate by this point and declare me my own country for being genius in my investments.

I proceed to capture all Republicans and house them all in small Douchbag cages in a case of outright betrayal on my part. The Democrats are housed in Hypocrisy cages. I send Progressives to Woodstock and force them take their GED’s and learn how to be real 60’s hippies. I was a hippie. I was proud, you are pathetic.

All writers for bullshit  business websites (page view whores) get reduced to minimum wage and get to clean the cages. How self important you were.

When the worlds do collide with angry revenge, only the dreamers will exist in the great vacuum of nothingness…except for my new blender idea.

$YELP will be $1, but $GOOG will be $20.000 as they have decided to join forces with my blender idea.


Still love biotech, although overbought short term.




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