Sunday Setups 2/10/14

{+++} Its important that what we saw on Thursday and Friday can stick.  In other words, not just a dead cat bounce. The lows could be tested again, especially if Janet Yellen doesn’t say the right things this week.

Because of that, I don’t have a much tonight, but I do have a few names that am adding. Biotechnology continues to lead as IBB had a 4% move on Friday.

Please note that ISIS and HIMX are still on the list from last week, they just haven’t triggered yet. Both look good so keep your eye on them both.

Here are the new names.

CLVS is rebounding off 200 day support and may finally be trying to pop out of the downtrend. Buy the 67.90 spot.


AEGR may have finally bottomed and last week the MACD turned up. Buy the 63.83 spot


IDRA A biotech that is acting well, buy the 5.55 level.


PLUG has been acting very well since its big move back in December.  Buy the 3.36 level.


ADEP  Buy the 18.97 level.


ZGNX Buy the 4.65 level


See you in the trading room in the morning.

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