Embrace The Yard Sale


The fat lady did some singing, but it wont last.

They say recessions are yard sales for the rich. They go and buy condo’s and homes at half off, fine art gets bid lower and they are given the opportunity to get even wealthier over time.  Here is your yard sale. Everyone bitches about overbought, extended conditions. Things are pulling back to better entry levels, risk left the building for a few days, the 10 year dove back down to the 2.70’s and that retarded useless metal called gold even bounced.

I’m not going to post a multitude of charts like everyone else, you were there, you know what happened, What I will say is that the uptrend line on the $DJIA & $SPX snapped like a twig, but the uptrend lines on the $QQQ and $IWM held….for now. I was green on Friday and lost pennies on Thursday and my subscribers are having a record month. You can subscribe at the bottom later if you wish.

We could rally Monday, but maybe from a lower level first. There are probably enough folks out there that got paralysis through analysis and never hit the sell button on Friday.  If we open lower on Monday, (I hope), it should flush out more weak hands. The shorts will set themselves up again for another emasculation.

I hope you are all in one piece. Be patient and make a list this weekend. My Premium Subscriber video will be released Sunday with analysis and some ideas.

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