IBM Bombs Again, Netflix On Deck

Well $IBM screwed the pooch again last night with its seventh consecutive quarterly loss. Big Blue has morphed into the Big Joke. Even I’m in the cloud.

Biotech remains en fuego as $IBB made more historic highs yesterday. We see $NFLX report after the close tonight and that one should be an absolute hoot as the bulls and bears draw their lines in the sand.

Shinzo Abe will keep the presses running over in Japan. Shinzo is so happy with the Nikkei’s ($NKY) results that he was seen partying aboard a yacht in Davos yesterday.


I think solar stocks ($TAN) can continue to play well into the State of the Union address next week as coal ($KOL) works lower.

I’m neck deep in snow as I button up my overcoat and try and dodge those earnings bullets. Good luck today.


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