Be Nice Mr. Market

I love going into a three day weekend longer than Georgia pine.  As I watched Peyton Manning semi shred the non existent Patriots secondary I had flashes of my stocks gapping down ten points on some unforeseen event.  As I watched Russell Wilson scramble and Richard Sherman show the grace and humility of a bull in a china shop, I saw landmines explode right under my stocks.  This is what three day weekends at market highs do to my psyche. I’m looking for tomorrow’s newspaper right now, but unfortunately it isn’t out yet.

$SPX 1850 has been a bitch to get through. A trip down to 1800 or the 1770 level could happen fast and at anytime. I want it to happen so I can buy things at more sensible entry points, I just want it to happen when I have more cash.  I penned a letter to Mr. Market outlining my request, but he told me to f#@k off.

Carry on.

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