So What Is Rocket Fuel?

Gotta love stocks with symbols like $FUEL, $SPLK, $VIPS.  They all have four letters, they all go higher on a daily basis.  It’s another gilded age for stocks, and we are back to good news being good and bad news getting ignored.  Basically a secular bull market.

We’re due for some “Come to Jesus” stuff soon, but right now the tape doesn’t  care.

$RGEN ripped 40 for me the other day, $SPLK (don’t really know what they do, ripped hard this week) and $VIPS, (stopped me, I was too tight, then ripped like 20 in my face.

I still love freak stocks like $VEEV and am long big time. Biotech and cloud……give me more.

How about this $FUEL that ripped like $13 at one point yesterday?  This stock is in day one of a bull flag and barring a Black Swan type market emasculation looks much higher, not only short term but but long term.

So wtf is $FUEL?

“According to a recent study by the Winterberry Group and the IAB, within two years, 91% of advertisers and 83% of publishers expect to be using programmatic. Real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic buying are here to stay and will continue to dramatically change the way companies and brands advertise. Marketers now have access to tens of billions of daily opportunities to precisely bid for and buy digital media in ad marketplaces to capture key moments of consumer attention. In a highly fragmented media world, the use of Big Data to predict the right moments of attention that drive brand is a must for 2014. Big Data’s big partner is artificial intelligence, which can mine patterns of consumer behavior in milliseconds and optimize advertising toward real results.”

In the chart below, you can see the high volume breakout Thursday and the wussy sell off today. Notice how it held the breakout. It got downgraded today by a punk sub 30 yer old that counts beans for a living. He’s late on his rent and is thinking of construction for a job change. Follow the sell side and die by the sell side. If you don’t know what the sell side means, you should be subscribing to my site.


Good night and good luck.

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