Morning Note For Friday 1/10/14

{+++} Sorry but I couldn’t get a blog post out last night, so here you go. Yesterday’s trading was pretty much a chopfest in front of today’s  jobs number.

I will be retiring to Belize as I had ICPT which was up  a mere 200 points or 280% yesterday. I believe in pre market trading this morning  the stock has tacked on an additional 100 points. But I digress and fantasize. Oh what could have been. Maybe I would have bought  a couple of Teslas for kicks. (and an island).

Anyway, the market seems to be in a very light volume chop as it digests lasts years gains and tries to figure out its next move.

Here are some pre market movers to the upside.

Here are some pre market downers so far.

Biotech has been on a mission of late with stocks like BIIB and ISIS ripping higher. AMGN, which has been lagging even exploded higher yesterday. The bio ETF IBB tacked on another 1% yesterday after Wednesday’s big breakout. This is still my favorite group going forward, but some stocks are getting a little extended.

I finally got around to the P&L update as many of my doc’s were somewhere else.

Let’s have a good day and I’ll see you in the trading room shortly.



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