Sunday Post – One Setup

{+++} Last week was slop, pure and simple, so hopefully the bulls can get it going this week.  Earnings season gets kicked off yet again with AA on Thursday after the close, and we have another big jobs report on Friday. Hopefully the jobs number will come with a little less drama than the last twenty five reports.

We have SPX support around 1790 and 1810.  I’m trying to find what I can think will be the leaders in 2014.  Many of the big winners in 2013 are very extended. You can look at some, not all of the 3D stocks. They can definitely play higher , but I really don’t think you will get the extreme alpha moves that you saw last year.  SSYS and DDD are examples.

We are in a never ending world of innovation, so technology and the better biotechnology names should continue to have a great year. I still think it will be a good year for M&A, because as rates rise, companies will try to lock in some still cheap financing for deals.

I want to see some market action tomorrow before adding any new names, so here is a list of stocks on the P&L that you can still buy:


So plenty of ideas to work with.

Hope to see you all with us in the trading room tomorrow.

In the spirit of not leaving you in the lurch with nada, I will be watching YNDX for an entry at the 43.65 level.  Great chart and if the market can improve a bit, I see a nice breakout in store. I will add it to the P&L if it triggers.


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