Top 10 For 2014


OK, here you go. This is my Top 10 for 2014 in no particular order.  I will create a Top 10 tab at the top of the blog in the next day or two so we can monitor. Assuming a 100,000 portfolio and 10,000 per idea.

1- KEY – quality regional bank that has all of the good and not much of the bad. Good leverage to an improving economy.

2-GILD- The next year or two will be big for this one.

3-HDB- My India play

4-EEM- I think emerging markets will rebound this year.

5-MRK- a spinoff or potential activist play.

6-  QIHU- China play, growing fast and starting to take some market share form BIDU

7- DATA- Great product in cloud and analytics.

8-VEEV- Cloud for biotech….what could get hotter?

9- CLF- The metals and mining names may finally have their rebound year. Many to choose from, but this one has a good short position.

10- BMRN – great pipeline and a possible takeout candidate.

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