Go Figure


Last week they didn’t care much about $YELP because they were buying $LNKD. Now that trade bores them, so they are selling $LNKD and buying $YELP. $AAPL looked hot, now its 20 off the highs and maybe looks a little bear flaggish. $GOOG wanted 1100, before it decided to drop 25 bucks.

The banks were coiling bullishly, but now $XLF really looks bear flaggish.

Biotechs are trading like they are causing cancer and not curing it. The $SPX is only thirty handles off the highs and the $QQQ’s are holding the 20 day ma, but both look like they just need a push to go lower……(or higher?????????).

The December churn continues as everyone repositions, and day traders try and pimp every move.

$NFLX is insane and made an an all time “closing” high today.

$TSLA is getting perky again and took back the 50 day moving average. Momo still works, just harder to find. Way harder.

$GOOG likes robots now,  so freaking robot stocks run. Nuts. $ADEP looks good. I think they do robots, I had a little today………. Robots……. Really?

Tomorrow we wait on Princeton’s finest to tell us how he wants to day trade the economy. Unemployment is still too high, but inflation is way to low.  I have no idea what Benny and Inkjets will do.

You guys figure all this out. Good luck tomorrow.

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