Tuesday Market Wrap- New Addition

{+++} The S&P made most of its move today in the first half hour of the day and then chopped around for the remainder. The market still has that feel like it wants to trudge higher and put in some more new highs before it takes a rest.

Four stocks triggered from last night’s video today: TWTR, BPOP, RPTP and Z

VIPS got me again and stopped today.

Here were some of the big dollar winners today.

Here were some of the big dollar losers today.

I removed ALTR (last night’s addition), in favor of SNDK tonight.

SNDK has a MACD that is close to turning up and I like the volume better.  I will be a buyer in the 68-50-69.50 zone tomorrow.

Daily Chart

sndk daily

The weekly chart is working a very nice flag

sndk weekly

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