Tis The Season


‘Tis the season to love the crap out of your fellow man. Cave dwelling, belly crawling losers from around the country risk life and limb to save a few freaking percent on an Xbox.  Folks are getting tasered, pepper sprayed while cops got dragged half dead through a Kohls parking lot.  A guy got stabbed in the neck over a parking lot spot and a  couple almost got trampled to death reaching for  a $49 tablet.  What a scam and a sham and a shame.

Interesting how some of the charts of the retailers that participate in these death races all have bear flags and look horrible. See $KSS, $TGT, $BBY  and others. Yet the primo stores like $TIF, $COH, $KORS are breaking out on the charts. The only challenge one may encounter when shopping on $AMZN is internet speed, and that pup is making new highs and is going a lot higher.

So this weekend, slam a few hot toddies, grab your taser or pepper spray and spread some freaking love while tearing out your neighbors retina as you reach for Tickle Me Elmo.



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