Wednesday Market Wrap

{+++} I’d like to wish everyone safe travels and a  Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the quick break from the market and enjoy the company of your friends and family. And thanks for coming by the site everyday.  The market trades until 1PM on Friday and I will probably be in and out of the chat room.

The S&P has only been in a seven handle range so far this week, but there has been great action so far in some of our names like NFLX, AAPL, AMBA, BIIB and some others. So its still a stock pickers market in a tight range market.

Here were some other bullish movers today

Here were some bearish movers today

Notice a lot of oil related names showed up on the loser list.

It seems that market buyers seem to be bidding up names that they think may do well in December. Keep in mind that new fund inflows get committed on Monday of next week which may add some fuel to the fire.

Enjoy your day off and enjoy the family.  I’ll see you guys on Friday





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