Morning Market Look: Blackberry Is a Wooly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth Replica in Museum Exhibit

Futures are nicely green this morning as Europe is rallying back after being soft yesterday. More paper millionaires will  get monetized tonight as Twitter ($TWTR) goes public. The IPO runway is on fire now as everyone wants that window.

Bloomberg reported that a 36,000 year old wooly mammoth was found frozen in Siberia yesterday……next to a Blackberry Curve.

Wells Fargo $WFC is now getting probed for mortgages.

We’ll find out tomorrow if the Eurozone cuts rates or not.

$VALE looks good and earnings are after the close.

$SCTY has a phenomenal chart, but it will ultimately come down to earnings tonight.

$P looks good on the daily and is near a breakout spot.

$ANF reported crappy same store sales, I’m long $AEO so I’m getting punched in the neck right now.

Have a good day and come by for a trial here.




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