Morning Market Look: Netflix Wins Again

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If you think politics doesn’t matter when it comes to the market then think again.  We have become eerily reminiscent of Europe not too long ago, when every sudden uptick and down-tick was based on an utterance from Merkel or Sarkozy.  They have passed the baton to  Reid and Boehner. Only the names have changed. Futures were way lower overnight on Sunday, and that sentiment drifted into yesterday’s open until the rhetoric became more dovish. The chart above is a 10 minute view of the $SPX.

Right now futures are leaning green, crude and gold are down, the 10 year note $TNX  is at 2.73%

$RIO just reported record iron ore amd coal production. China wants the stuff again.

Do we sell good news today or rip to new highs?  The next few days will be interesting.  The fourth quarter is usually good for the market and too many charts look constructive. I say higher.

$AAPL announced the hiring of Burberry’s CEO to run retail and online stores. Cant wait for my checkered, lighter smaller iPhone.

Will Mark Hurd run $MSFT?  His name is in the hat. He looked lost in a recent interview about $ORCL.   Take the money.

$NFLX is in talks to stream on some major cable network’s set top boxes.  The stock ripped $23. Shorts taken out in body bags on this one.

$C is lower this morning after a miss.

Come on by for a free trial.

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