Dysfunction Junction- Stay Calm



The goat screw in Washington continued today and the SPX dropped 10 handles. Not bad considering. The Nazzy was pretty much unchanged and the Russell 2000 was actually green. So why all the fuss? This shut down is all verbal diarrhea , sabre rattling and political jockeying. Getting a straight answer out of any of them is like nailing jello to a tree.  Speaking of jello, there were reports of a very prevalent odor of alcohol in the halls of Congress the other night, so maybe the stress is starting to take affect and jello shots are on the menu down there.

I’m long all the P&L name as well as positions in ACAD, ALNY, TSLA AND FAS

 HITT triggered today.

I carried overall active and all non triggered positions to the new October P&L tonight.

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