Friday Market Look – It’s National Coffee Day


Futures are lower around the horn this morning as Bank of England Governor Mark Carney reportedly said he sees no need for further bond-buying to spur the U.K. economy. He said, however, that the central bank would consider more quantitative easing if the recovery falters.

The 10 year is around 2.62% this morning.

The Verge reports that $AAPL’s new IOS 7 is causing severe motion sickness .LOL

New Jersey is the first state to implement a ban on abusive language, it did however state that it will continue to tax citizens into submission.

$JCP is selling 84 million shares to help fund their train wreck.

$TSLA  made more all time highs yesterday.

Today is National Coffee Day. Really?

Martha Stewart broke the iPad Steve Jobs gave here as a gift. She evidently made an angry tweet at Apples’s PR then baked some cronuts. What an odious human.

Mariano Rivera tearfully walked off the mound last night at Yankee stadium when informed that his Upsidetrader subscription had accidentally lapsed. The  final quarter is coming and so are earnings, so stop by for a trial

Some stocks I’m long and or watching include: $ALNY $BALT $VLTC

Have a great weekend.






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