Morning Market Look For 9/20/12 … Quadruple Witching

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Today is quad witching for all those derivatives of mass destruction that you own, so volume will be big.

Today four Fed officials will be asked to explain the central bank’s move to hold off on tapering its stimulus plan.

A spot near the front of the $AAPL line in London could cost you up to $1600. People need a life. It’s a friggin’ phone.

$TSLA exploded yesterday after announcing a flying car.

$YELP continued to rip to new highs yesterday and closed near all time highs again.

The NYSE McClellan oscillator is the most overbought than any time in 2013.

Fun Stat: Evidently, over the last four years, whenever the $UVXY  has pulled back five days in a row, over the last four years whenever this fund has had a streak like this (28 times), traders buying at the open and exiting at the close have made money 71% of the time. The average profit of 4.2%

Good trading today and come by for a free trial.

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