Wednesday Morning Market Look For 9/18/13


Breaking newsflash……the market will go up, down, or sideways today after the Fed. Currently our futures, as well as global futures, are pretty much green across the board. I don’t know why they even call it the FOMC rate decision anyway. Should be called the taper decision. We haven’t raised rates since Pericles. The market, not the Fed, raises rates anyway.

We are near new highs again and the bears are as quiet as Zuccotti Park.

It’s started, Jeffries revenues dropped 83% on weak bond trading.

The Lehman sign sold for $14,000 five years after the collapse. Someone must have a big basement.

$YELP popped yesterday and is right at a big breakout spot. I said $Z would go to a hundred bucks when it was at this price and I think $YELP will too.

$AAPL caught some love off its 100 day moving average yesterday and popped. Needs follow through.

Biotech remains hot and stocks like $CELG, $BIIB and $ACAD are at or near big breakout spots.  $CLDX broke out yesterday.

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