Set Ups For the Week Of 9/16/13

{+++}Hey guys. The only thing in the way next week is this fed meeting, so there may may be some choppy action in front of that, but this market looks much higher to me. Of course things can change, but for now it looks bullish.

Here are our setups for this week.

SPN – Broke out of a mini downtrend (light blue line) a little over a week ago. It did so on heavy volume which you like to see. It now seems to be in a bull flag under the more important downtrend line (white line). I would buy between the 26.00-26.50 area.


IQNT– The semiconductor names are continuing to outperform lately. Buy the 9.08 area


FENG-This China internet and content provider broke out and is pulling back slightly on low volume but the technicals remain solid. I will trigger this between 10.20 -10.80 on Monday. So the cheaper the better.


JAZZ– has been consolidating for a couple of weeks since it made new highs. Look for a breakout at the 89 level that can take this one to 100


See you in the morning.


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