If Syria Lingers, So Will Bernanke


Twelve times a year the world stops spinning on its axis as we wait for the non farms payroll number. Eco geeks and macro mooks the world over lie in wait as we wait for the monthly underemployment rate.

It was announced this morning that Obama will delay appointing the new Fed chairman until the Syria crisis is resolved. If that’s the case, based on current progress, Bernanke may be our boy for a very long time. At this point, Fukushima will stop leaking before we resolve this.

So far it looks like the G-20 was another epic flop, but as I said, the caterers did well.

The 10 year note ($TNX) tagged 3% yesterday and the world didn’t end, however Pimco lost $41 billion in assets or 14% since May due to losses and withdrawals. Tough time to be long bonds for sure.

There is a $50,000 $VIX bet out there that will pay $27 million if the VIX can tag 28.50 by Sept. 17.  Actually a better bet than Powerball.

Flamboyant Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, best known for building a replica of the Titanic, said he plans to sue Rupert Murdoch over unflattering allegations and claimed the media mogul’s estranged wife is a Chinese spy. Those Aussies.

The U.S Dollar continues to inch higher and the 10 year is quoted at 2.96% right now.

I will be curious to see how many jobs will be part time today. So far about 75% of the jobs created this year are of the part time variety. The pundits have spent the last week trying to figure out if good is bad or bad is good. No one knows.

Hearing Ballmer $MSFT is looking at Eastman Kodak and Dunder Mifflin as takeout candidates. He wants to go out with a bang.

The WSJ reports that $AAPL has a larger iPhone up their sleeve.

Good luck with “the number” today. I hope it goes your way.

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