Party On Garth


More closing highs for the $DJIA, $RUT 2000 and S&P today, and the $SPX held the 1700 level on the closed at 1706. This thing is going a lot higher.  Yesterday the dollar held its 200 day moving average almost to the penny and today it had a bullish rip. The 10 year ($TNX) also moved higher in yield.

$TNX The 10 Year  closed at resistance today.


$GLD Gold was down and cant get above ts 50 day moving average or lateral resistance.


$QQQ The Nazzy is rip city right now, and how long before they start talking about the inanity of QQQ reaching 2000 levels. Hey, its only  45 points away. Never say never.


So attention shoppers, continue to buy every dip. The Fed is still in play and they aren’t any more or less date dependent than they were before. There isn’t any inflation and Jupiter will align with Mars and the seas will boil before we hit 6.5% employment target. So party on Garth. Tomorrow is the big non farm payroll report. Let’s see how many are part time workers. This will be key.

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