Cautiously, Bullishly, Optimistically Paranoid


The real reason the Jets traded Tebow was because, towards the end, he just kept harping about the Hindenburg Omen.  He was praying incessantly and told the guys in the locker room that he had moved all of the money that he has made from commercials (very limited), to gold.  Chatter is that he will be replacing William Devane as the Roseland Capital spokesman. In the interim,  I wish him the best of luck as a long snapper during junk time. But I digress.

The Hindenbergers and Black Swaners are starting to come out to play. It’s once again the end of the world because they are rioting in Turkey. The last time they came out was a few months ago, when Cypress, a country the size Flatbush was going under. This country made book and laundered money on the side They didn’t go under.  There was no contagion and the $SPX ripped a gazillion points. European markets also tagged highs.

The $SPX does look like it may want tog o back and retest last Thursday’s lows around 1598. If that doesn’t hold, then maybe 1560 gets hit. It can also go bonkers to the upside. Yes, you will be as confused as me after reading this. It’s just that the indices are in “the middle” now, so its tougher to be more confident. Play smaller.

There is also the strong possibility that this dip gets aggressively bought in the coming days, as the quarter does finish up in a few weeks.  We’ll soon find out again if all the blah blah blah  that we hear is true; you know, the one about all the buying that will emerge by all of those that have missed the move. It’s possible.

For the first time in a while I saw more short set ups that I liked more than long set ups. Maybe its me. I’m still wicked bullish, but its good to be prepared just in case.

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