Sunday Stock Set Ups

The $SPX held some key short term support on Thursday and rallied into Friday, so we”ll see where we go from here. In any event, the uptrend is still in tact, so here are some longs to watch next week. Good luck.

$JIVE– I put this one on Stocktwits stream minutes before the breakout on Friday. Looks like it s breaking out of a cup and handle base. Over Friday’s high it’s good for more.


$TNGO– is another pretty base that looks ready to go. Nugent’s Wango Tango must be played on the breakout.


$DVA– A Buffett & Co. fave. Love this falling wedge.


$SUPN has been tapping resistance for a while now. Over 7.10 with volume it should breakout.


$IMOS This is another one that’s toying with resistance. Could explode higher given a decent market next week.


For more names with greater specificity, as well as a general good time, grab a free trial here, Have a great week.


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